First Post


So uh, hi.

Honestly, I’m not sure how this will turn out, so it’s okay if you’re not sure what you’re doing here either.

Moment of transparency here: I’m terrified of what you’ll think of me, and some of the things I’m planning to share in this space. I’m excited to be able to do so, but also bracing myself for criticism and outright rejection. But if just one person is affected positively and can relate, to feel genuinely like they can connect to another person and know they aren’t alone, it’ll all be worth it.

Maybe you’re thinking, Rainbw’s already putting herself in the public eye with streaming, so blogging should be a piece of cake, right?

Not so much. Streams come and go, VODs pop up and disappear within weeks. This will be a great deal more personal and will make me vulnerable in a way that streaming can’t exactly touch. It’s going to be funny and thoughtful and stupid and embarrassing and absurd. This will be my baby and therefore I will feel very responsible for every view and comment.

I’ll also admit that while this will be a labor of love, I’m also being selfish here. (You likely won’t hear others openly admit to this, but somewhere in their heart of hearts, they know they’re a little selfish too. Anyone who entertains is doing it at least partially for themselves as well. It’s the nature of the business.) I’m going to use this space to show off graphics/paintings/shirt designs, showcase my writing, use it as a sounding board from time to time, and also to unabashedly promote people (and issues) who I believe need to be shoved into your faces in order for you to take notice of them.

I can’t be scared of what ifs, so here I am.

Go easy on me. I already get a lot of comments from the peanut gallery on my gameplay.



By rainbwlitebrite

a variety content creator & community cultivator
a mental health & social connectedness proponent
a burgeoning voice talent & actress
an abstract & impasto style painter
an occasional writer & voracious reader
a rusty & super self-aware soprano
an avid pursuant of vibe-sharing music
& your new bestie.

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