[5] mixer musings

“All happiness depends on courage and work.” – Honoré de Balzac


Up until pretty recently, I have had difficulty putting into words exactly why Mixer partnership was something I’ve wanted to pursue.

I think I’ll be able to cover my bases with this post.

The Mixer community has been an ever-changing, ever-evolving space that I’ve grown to call a home of sorts for the past nearly 2 years. There are so many people whom I have met, befriended and accepted into my life daily, some of whom I’m genuinely regretful I did not meet sooner.

It hasn’t always been like this.

Mixer hasn’t always been somewhere I’ve been able to go and immediately find a familiar face or friend. At first, it was an unfamiliar, intimidating culture which I had no clue how to navigate. I probably made quite a few faux pas along the way (and honestly, probably still do at times), but I kept learning, kept trying. I kept watching, kept chatting, and eventually started streaming…and for the most part, I haven’t looked back.

There have of course been bumps along the way, as there is with everything in life. The sun has set on connections, friendships, relationships…and even lives. Even though most interaction we share mainly happens online, the feelings generated by these interactions were and are very real and experienced acutely. In short, it sucks, and it hurts when these things happen. But life goes on, as it should. It’s a not so helpful reminder that some things remain beyond our control, but nothing we haven’t already learned.

Of course we want things to be ideal in our hobby, our passion, our personal getaway from the norm. What happens to be different here, though, is this: as broadcasters, content creators and influencers, this is our domain. We have the most control over how things can be presented. We can show what we choose and hide what we may consider unfavorable. A lot of us work hard constantly to be able to provide a sense of safety, comfort, and belonging for others – whether it’s during our streams, cultivating a community in Discord, or showing support to others who we believe share the same ideals via hosting and raiding.

We do more than entertain; we create, uplift, and inspire. We understand that sometimes we are what makes someone’s day a little better. We also understand that sometimes we’re also needed to just be there in some capacity to ground ourselves and others.

Sometimes, it’s just about being a constant. Sometimes, it’s about being able to reach just one person in this world. Sometimes, we just need to be able to do this for our own sake.

Sometimes it’s about being visible in the community, being able to give back in some capacity to people who have not only volunteered to spend a portion of their lives with you, and being proud to represent something you believe can make a tangible change for others because it made a change in you.

Of course, none of this means that only streamers who are wanting to become partnered are the only ones who may experience all of the above. It just means that for me, even with the limited experience that I’ve had with Mixer, I’ve noticed a trend of quality, perseverance, inspiration, diligence and consistency in the partners whom I’ve not only met but also have the priviledge to call friends. Along with my friends and the community, they especially have challenged me to #beMORE – even before it was a hashtagged initiative. They have supported and encouraged me in dark times, and boosted me even farther up in better times. They have been there for me so much more than I can ever feel like I’ve been there for them.

That’s why I’ve wanted to become a partner. That’s why I’ve struggled with the decision to apply for so long. That’s why I’ve had conversation after conversation in public and private about even taking the first step to apply.

That’s also why I’m proud and excited to be able to tell you that I was accepted to the program last week.

There are a few things remaining that need to be settled before it’s official, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to provide updates as to when everything will happen.

It may not mean much to many. It may not mean what it used to for some. But it still means a lot to me, and I know it means something to the people who matter to me.

Regardless of what comes of this new development, I’ll be happy to know that somewhere, Gimp is probably dancing and hollering about how he told me so all along.

That’s one of the things that means the most.



By rainbwlitebrite

a variety content creator & community cultivator
a mental health & social connectedness proponent
a burgeoning voice talent & actress
an abstract & impasto style painter
an occasional writer & voracious reader
a rusty & super self-aware soprano
an avid pursuant of vibe-sharing music
& your new bestie.

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