caffeinated tangents


caffeinated tangents is an ongoing, collaborative,
multifaceted project created by rainbwlitebrite

the purpose of this project is to offer a showcase of learning about coffee, and creating art surrounding and celebrating coffees sampled via interviews, audio blogs, art, & relaxed, coffee-table chats on a wide-ranging array of topics, dwelled upon, studied and mused over in easygoing, comfortable conversation.

0. introduction

a brief introduction to rainbwlitebrite, and the project

1. mexican chocolate

mexican chocolate,
grinding coffee co;
october 17, 2020

episode 3

coming soon

episode 4

coming soon

“a cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well-spent.”
– anonymous

caffeinated tangents is a multifaceted project borne out of a passion for two things: coffee, and conversation with genuinely interesting people who have much to speak about.

this venture is a combination of podcasts and art, with the creation of these made possible via livestream.

the hope is that it becomes part of a journey shared with you, and that it inspires and entertains you, the reader and listener.

the coffee used for most sessions comes from grinding coffee co, with whom rainbwlitebrite is partnered.
other roasts and brands may be featured sporadically as well.

when available, subscribe to make sure you get access to all current and future podcast episodes!

tba 🙂